“The Roma Community” investigates the life of a community in Bulgaria, known as Roma people or “Gypsies”. It offers a glimpse into their world seen through my perspective. The Roma people have been and continue to be discriminated against. They have always been looked at with caution and suspicion. This series explores the idea of ‘the other’ and tries to examine their identity through images. Within the tradition of portraiture, I hope to convey something more than what they are believed to be. This is a collection of photos from four different places I visited. I met up with ordinary people, some were quite happy with the life they live. They do value their self-identity despite the negative attitude towards them because that is the way they live. Most of the images are portraits of them in their communities as well as several landscapes of the surroundings and their homes. These images are shot in different areas in south-central Bulgaria. In all of the photos, I am trying to show the way they live and portray them in a more comprehensible way.
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